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Experience the exquisite taste of our premium extra virgin olive oil.

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At Aulis, we are passionate about producing the finest extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are grown in the sun-drenched groves of Greece, and we carefully handpick and cold-press them to create a truly exceptional product.

round green fruits
round green fruits

Our Story

Aulis was founded in 2019 by Konstantinos Tasias and Marina Κorlou, two individuals which share the love for a healthy diet based upon the value that their land generously offers. Aulis -the path to Greek taste- is a premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from selectable olives that are processed through cold extraction, thus providing excellent nutritional elements and very low acidity with rich aroma and exceptional taste. The facility is also equiped with a nitrogen installment. Sterilization of the bottles and inox tanks infused with nitrogen ensure that Aulis Olive Oil keeps all its aromas and beneficial elements hence providing a guaranteed and consistent quality. Aulida or Aulis in ancient Greek is a small city located in Euboea which according to the myth, was the place to which Agamemnon’s fleet set sail for Troy. The logo of the company represents the sacred animal of Artemis godess of hunting and vegetation and has been chosen to lead us on a qualitative journey, full of flavors and memories, the path to Greek taste.

We provide the finest quality extra virgin olive oil, carefully crafted from hand-picked olives.

Quality Olive Oil

Our olive oil is cold-pressed and unfiltered, retaining its natural flavors and health benefits.

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